sebi_artistpageThe underground HipHop sound of 90s was the beginning of his musical passion, while he got in touch with techno music in 1998. The beginning of his DJ career started with first gigs in the area of Frankfurt and leads into a residency at the infamous “Monza Club” in Frankfurt. In 2008 Sebastian met his partner in crime David Nicolas and played  together first private after hours at infamous BE9 venue. After visiting the Sunwaves May edition in 2010, this experience reset his  understanding of music and he evolves how to evolve his musical direction to another level. Nowadays Sebastian Werle even made his way as producer. With respectable releases and remixes on Mannheim labels Valioso, Un:derstatement and Tooloop (Bodypart), Sebastian even left his own footprints in the underground music scene. Sebastian Werle is official resident of Parker Lewis.