Toby T

As you may be familiar with all those „kids on the block“ stories, it is a story that goes around and round ‚till today also. When Toby got his hands on 2 turntables, his world shrinks down as his room became his exploring studio and at the same time expanded, as his love for
electronic music grew more and more. When he first had contact with Mannheim’s Sedee, it was something fascinated that triggered him into letting the passion create a void of sounds that need to be found and played for the world.

While we have learned throughout the time that all masters have gained knowledge and power through the skill of focus, we are now
witnessing DJs explore a new wave of communication through music, and Toby knows exactly what that means: he goes to the booth, he let’s music guide him, the buttons, the tracks, the sequences, the bpm – and he connects. Another language expressed through vibes and dance.

With a personal record of a 72h set at a private party,
and collaborations with BE9 crew artists, Toby is preparing himself to leave an imprint through his identity, skills, attitude, and music.

texted by Joaene.


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