Parker Lewis opened its doors for the first time on the 20th of December 2014, after a total rebuilt that took almost six months. After a long search the owners finally found the right location to built a club that suits their needs and ideas, that provides an intimate and cosy atmosphere for the audience and the artists. The club is based on two floors, a lounge area where smoking is allowed and a vault in the basement that contains the main room. Therefore they built in a wooden dance floor and a high impact sound system. The DJ is on the same level and in direct contact with the crowd. Their main aim was to create a platform for local and international artists and to give underground club music a home in the heart of Mannheim. Parker Lewis laid the cornerstone for what became BE9.

regular guests

Alexandra · Ambivalent · André Galluzzi · Arapu · Archie Hamilton · Barac · Cezar · Die Holländer (Makcim · Sander Baan · Just Pete) · Djebali · Dj Masda · Einzelkind · Federico Molinari · Ferro · Francesco Del Garda · Fumiya Tanaka · Julian Perez · Kozo · Lazare Hoche · Molly · Nekes · Nicolas Lutz · Nima Gorji · Nu Zau · Olga Korol · Onur Özer · Petre Inspirescu · Praslea · Raresh · Rhadoo · Rossko · Sammy Dee · Varhat · Vera · Zendid


FRIDAYS 00:00 – 05:00
SATURDAYS 00:00 – 05:00

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