Jan Golly

Heidelberg / Mannheim based artist Jan Golly is one of the shooting stars in the Frankfurt/Mannheim techno area. He was influenced by the HipHop movement in Heidelberg and by the Drum ´n Bass scene in Mannheim, which brought him to the turntables. After first bookings at local festivals or local clubs in 2012, Jan became part of mono recordings and played in the first bigger clubs like “Ritter Butzke” in Berlin or “Unter Tage” Koblenz. Also, his music style started to get influenced by friends and Romanian artists. In 2015 Jan Golly was signed as resident for the new club Parker Lewis in Mannheim. His vibrant and pushing minimalistic sound was perfectly fitting into the concept of the club and completed the resident team of Parker Lewis. At Parker Lewis he played alongside Praslea, Vlad Caia, Dan Andrei and Herodot. At the end of the year 2015 and the beginning of 2016 Jan left his footsteps abroad and played for e. g. at Club EDEN in Bucharest and Pescara (Italy). In this period, after eight years at the turntables, he even started to produce his own music. His first vinyl release will appear on Valioso Recordings. In 2016 this year he will be working on further music production and projects with other artists. More to be announced soon.

texted by Joaene.

  • Thank you! some impressions from last saturday at @parkerlewis.club had a wonderful 2,5h b2b with Prâslea and super extended night until the early morning 🥰 es hätte schöner nicht sein können 🙂
  • the club i played about 60 times now will close beginning next year... to celebrate 5 years of intense feelings catch me here with #praslea on 9th november

@parkerlewis.club @be9music
  • @animalcrossing_music X @be9music
  • FRIDAY @parkerlewis.club together with my @be9music bro‘s @benbalance & @fabe86 
expect a night to remember 🙌🏼❤️
  • This will be huge fun! Manchester this Saturday 🙌🏼
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  • summer in october ☀️ 12.10.2019
  • @dee2_siegen on 12th October
  • Stieber Twins at HD Herbst. Goosebumps!!
  • HD ✌🏻
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