From indoor-home parties, David Nicolas found in music a strong connector to nature itself and all the people surrounding him. But it didn’t take long until that connector became fuel for his creative sonic journey, taking inspiration from childhood memories when playing drums, and fusion all the elements into a personalized vision. His drive to explore how can he singularly use every sound in electronic music brought his closer to the idea of creating a project that will sum up all the valuable assets of this specific musical niche: Sedee, a project that will remain as the core of his identity as an artist. Alongside Sebastian Werle, David has created a new bold movement rising up in Mannheim and taking over Europe as one of the most on-radar duo.

David’s musical approach focuses on the flow between past, present, and future, and his tracks are inviting everyone to enjoy the simplicity of good vibes, like once a DJ would bring everyone into the club and just disconnect them from whatever didn’t feel right.

A storyteller using drums, bass and vocals through the “modern old-school way”, staying true to what brought him at this point and looking towards the next move that can bring him closer to the crowd, and the crowd closer to his sounds-story.

texted by Joaene.

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