When asked what BE9 really is we sum up and say that essentially we are a community of music enthusiasts, DJs, producers, label owners and the club Parker Lewis. Sadly this rough answer hides a lot in between. With BE9 we try to connect friendship, club culture and work to another form of existence. In some way it’s a result of local dynamics. Recently our dear friend Jules visitet us and we had a nice conversation about the project. Jules writes for ‚Playedby‘, an online social platform promoting underground music and especially the romanian sound. Below is the article entitled ‚A deeper look into the BE9 headquarters‘ published on Playedby.club

As most of us already know: BE9 stands for Mannheim.

Old and new talents building a unique, musical and cultural force that holds up the flag for a fresh and innovative approach in the underground music scene. Many of us have been to Mannheim during Time Warp. My very first time in Mannheim wasn’t for Time Warp but for Vlad Caia who played at Parker Lewis in 2016 and where I instantly fell in love with the vibe of the club and the people. The local club has a lot to offer, varying between sorts of different label nights, German as well as International ones, but also hosting guests like Rhadoo, Praslea and many more. The Club recently turned four with a big birthday celebration where they invited local hero Fabe and Cristi Cons.

So lets take a deeper look into BE9 and its headquarters. What’s inside the BE9 headquarters and who lives there? The story behind the house is long and meaningful. Oslo Records founder Nekes, now Berliner-by-choice, was the first one who got to live in the house. David Nicolas who went to an after party with a good friend told me that “we fell in love straight away. It’s hard to describe it but we felt the connection instantly and we knew that at some point we want to live here”. As fate had it Nekes moved to Berlin and Dave and his friend took the chance and made the move. Very soon it became the so-called ‚After Hour Residency‘ which held many many afterparties and where later on Sebastian Werle and Dave finally met. Sedee was born! One neighbour after the other moved out of the building and more and more friends moved in instead. Meanwhile every apartment is rented by a BE9 member. Two years ago they were able to get the long anticipated house in the backyard which includes a huge roof terrace, two studios (various artists), a big meeting room, a kitchen, a living room with billiard table and beamer and the heart of the headquarter, the basement with a small private ‘club’ where the weekends are extended from time to time and the artists have the chance to test their new releases to record podcasts or to just mix a bit, besides the booth in Parker Lewis.


Who lives there?

Dominik Grunert (Parker Lewis boss and BE9 founder), Dennis, Dieter, Moses, Mario, Daniel, Gino, Lars, Patrick (Parker employees/residents, BE9 members, founders, artists, label owners), David Nicolas (Sedee and BE9 founder)

As you can see amongst the artists are a lot of talented people contributing to the above. The house has been under construction ever since and it keeps changing. A big meeting is held once a month where they expand the house, take decisions and brainstorm about items on the agenda, such as parties, releases but also social media, merchandise, label and more.
So the HQ is located in Jungbusch, a blooming district where social as well as cultural integration is as complete as possible and the neighbourhood profits from the urban and cultural upgrading. The night-time stroll event “Nachtwandel“ celebrates this by displaying the diversity of the district, brining artists, associations and initiatives together who reach out and inspire. It was the second time in 2018 that the BE9 collective has been a part of that event and has proven how great the collective works together especially being in order to ensure that they can meet the challenges of organizing and creating a lovely atmosphere, not just for ravers but for everyone.

Mannheim and Jungbusch play a big role in the lives of the artists and supporters. This is where they live, create and rave together. One is able to feel the love and pride the artists have towards their city however never being boastful.

“We are proud to be Mannheimers, we stand for it. It’s a very rough city, no hype at all and it needs time to fall in love with, but as soon as you do, you fall in love forever. The city is comparable with our music: Underground music, underground city”

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