fabe_artistpageFrom his roots in the 90s HipHop, he found his way to the electronic music. Since 2010 he has appeared in several projects and made his success, after dedicating completely to the underground music. With the vinyl release Sketch EP (2015), on Mannheim based label “Valioso”, he left his first sustainable footprints and received a great reputation on this. After this remarkable moment, Fabe continuously evolves himself, even with the steady support and mindset of BE9 crew. Even in this year he successfully starts to run his own label Salty Nuts. His swinging sound includes complex beat structures paired with a classic house drive and techno grooves. His sound even attracts Non-Mannheim based labels like Einzelkind´s  “La Pena” or London based label “Infuse”. After several club experiences all around the world, nowadays he is a well seen DJ at Berlin´s “Club der Visionäre” or the infamous “Fuse London” parties and a fix part of Berlin´s label and agency “The Gathering”. Moreover he is Resident of our beloved Parker Lewis.