AndreLemont_artistpageRooted by the HipHop of the 90s, Andre Lemont started his musical career in the Mannheim Drum n Bass scene. In 2006 he started to find his love for techno music. This finally leads in an back2back duo with his friend Marius White and his first release on Valioso Records. Nowadays Andre Lemont played alongside well-known underground DJs like Francesco del Garda, Nicolas Lutz, Onur Özer or Alexandra. Moreover he had his first international experiences in Ibiza, Zurich or for Abstract London. His passion for diggin vinyls even reflect on his music style. It is a mix of House, Detroit, Acid, Techno and other, but his main focus is on tracks with this special groove. On his own party „Don´t believe the hype“ he could welcome guest like Kashawar, Manuel Schatz or Quest. Andre Lemont is a resident DJ at Parker Lewis.