tolga_artistpageTolga Top is a Berlin-based DJ-producer and founder of Understate:ment Records. He grew up in Mannheim before relocating to the nation’s capital just over four years ago. Since then, he’s performed at some of the city’s leading clubs—including Watergate and Hoppetosse—and become a central figure in The Gathering, a rising collective, vinyl label and artist management agency. He also co-runs Valioso Recordings alongside Dominik Grunert. As a producer, his first release came in 2013, followed in June 2015 with Real Flows, a four-tracker on Russia’s Elarum imprint. Featuring a stripped-back, minimal sound with break beat elements, the EP was a product of six years of studio work during which Tolga Top worked on the development of his own sound. His earliest inspiration came from friend fabe who taught him the basics of production, but it soon became apparent that he wished to incorporate his hip-hop and old-school influences to find a style of his own. His more recent releases have arrived on Understate:ment and Valioso; and he will soon debut on Taverna Tracks and London’s acclaimed Infuse. In addition to this, he is set to release a remix on Five Finger Records. In the booth, he continues to impress with his residency at Mannheim’s Parker Lewis—where he can be found playing up to once ever second month. 2016 saw him begin traveling across Europe more frequently, performing at Moscow’s Rodnya, Zurich’s Supermarket, and Istanbul’s Kloster, alongside various spots closer to home. Sonically, his minimal style matches up to that in the studio, combining break beat and old school elements with modern house music. His sound today has been influenced by his time in Berlin and Mannheim. He also plays frequently at The Gathering showcases. Tolga Top also founded Understate:ment Records in 2015 as a platform to support and connect artist friends from Berlin, Mannheim and Frankfurt. The first release came in December 2015, with the second coming late 2016. More EPs are scheduled for early 2017.